Weekly Update 1/28/2018

Ciao everyone!

There may not be much to show at the moment, but it has indeed been an incredibly busy week. As you can see, we’ve finally gotten our homepage established at http://doctoramana.com. This site will be our new home and hub for the Doctor Amana series going forward. There will be a close tie with our Patreon page with common posts and themes, but Patrons on Patreon will still continue to receive exclusive news, updates and rewards. So if you like what we’re doing, for only a $1, you can get access to exclusive posts, artwork and bonus content.

On other fronts, we have completed the character Bios for the significant seven romances of Roger Harrington. You can view the entire collection here. This includes all previously released bios as well as the bios for Emily, Roger’s wife, and Cassie’s friends Jane and Amanda.

Now as far as progress goes, we have finished writing and coding the two versions of Jane’s second scene. Once we finish writing and coding Amanda’s variants, we will start on rendering. We are hoping to have all four scenes ready for launch next weekend. Our goal is to stay on track for a new update every two weeks now that character introductions are done and the complexity of the story has increased.

Until then, we will continue to answer all of your questions, send you updates and keep you informed of our progress along every step of the journey. As always, thank you for checking us out, and to our patrons, thank you for your support! Your participation encourages us to push ourselves further every week. Till next time!


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