Weekly Update 2018-02-11

Good evening everyone.

This weekly update is going to be kind of brief because we are still neck deep in the next release. But to stay consistent and to keep you informed, here is the run down on what we’ve been working on this week.

We’ve reconceived of what Amanda’s next update would look like based on where we are taking Jane’s story. So until we’ve finished retooling that scene, we’ve put her update on the back burner in the short term. While this was happening. D-dog was finishing with the dialogue for Nanami’s next scene, so we’ve been pushing ahead with that.

At this point, we have the scene written, scripted, coded, and all we have left is the renders themselves. Rendering is by far the longest part of this process for us. Our hardware configuration bottlenecks us when we get to this point. In time, with your support, we will overcome this limitation. But for now, it’s what we’re working with.

So while Nanami’s next scene isn’t larger in terms of play time or dialogue, it is larger in terms of options and lines of code. A typical scene, with just two characters talking like our intros, occupy approximately 300 to 350 lines of code. Not a lot. Nanami’s next scene is nearly 750 lines of code. The most we’ve written to date for a single scene.

Also worthy of note, is that previous scenes contained anywhere from 10 to 20 renders. Nanami’s next scene will have over 45 to account for the different choices and bonus content. So there is a lot of variety coming your way.

So just hang in there with us a little longer and we will drop this thing hot off the stove. We were hoping for a Monday release, but we still have about 10 renders left to complete. At about 2 hours each, we’re looking to have the images completed tomorrow evening. After that, we need just a little more time to wire them into the code, and then test the finished product. So if I’m being perfectly honest, we may be looking more like Tuesday or Wednesday at the very latest.

Rest assured, we haven’t taken a break yet since starting this project, and we aren’t going to take one now. We’re excited about this next release, and we hope you are too.


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