Weekly Update 2018-02-25

Good evening everyone,

In writing this, I only now realized we missed last week’s update. We posted a Dev-log, but failed to post an update on our actual development progress. For that we apologize.

Just to fill you in on where we are at, we have completed scripting Monica’s next scene and coding is about 45% complete. This update is taking a little longer because we are acquiring three new locations, and modeling a couple of supplemental characters for her storyline. Our pace continues unabated, we just have a larger task-list for this update.

A very loose eta for the next update is the end of the week, but it may take us through next weekend. We still have to rig lighting for the scenes, compose, render, etc. It’s really a question of how fast can we assemble and post the scenes. Fortunately, once rendering is complete, our process of integration is relatively fast and can usually be accomplished within 24 hours. Just got to get through the render bottle neck.

We’ve tweaked our process a bit this go around so that we can do 80% of our debugging while the rendering is occurring. This change should help us be more efficient going forward. Sometime near the middle of the week we’ll start posting up a few Monica promo shots as we do our lighting tests. As always, we’ll have a pic for the public and a bonus for our patrons, so keep your eyes open.

Until then, thank you for your continued support and have a wonderful evening.


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