Weekly Update 2018-03-18

Good afternoon everyone.

So I’m happy to report that Lupita’s next scene is nearly completed. We have about five more renders to complete and we can move on to integration and testing. Optimistically we could be uploading the next distribution tomorrow evening. But barring any serious complications, we’ll have it up by Tuesday night for certain. So that is the good news.

Now for the other news. As was always going to happen, there is going to be some additional delay between updates. This is not a reduction in dedication, hours applied or anything of the sort. It is a result of complexity. Because we want your choices in the story to matter, to have a visible and emotional impact on the scenes, upcoming scenes are going to have multiple variants. So what does this mean exactly?

Emily’s next update (v0.10.0) will have three parts. First will be a scene where you meet her new tennis coach, the second is a family dinner with Emily and Cassie with Lupita serving the meal. The third will be you and your wife getting ready for bed in the evening with the possibility of a romantic night cap or just straight up hate fucking each other depending on how you played it.

Since your dialogue choices in Emily’s first scene may have resulted in her being hostile towards you, each of these three parts are going to have a very different dialogue and a very different emotional feel. This means for her next update, you will only experience three scenes depending on your choices, but we have to write six scenes to account for the possible differences.

Now I know, three or so weeks for an update is still faster than the norm for most developers. But we have gotten used to providing updates on a weekly and bi-weekly basis. We actually feel guilty asking you to wait an additional week or two for the next segment of the story. But the end result is going to be a much richer experience so we hope you agree that the added time will be worth it.

I read a lot of developers who like to state that “your choices matter”, well here it does and you will be able to immediately sense how your choices changed the story. 

This is our vision. A story that you can sit down and play, without worrying about whether or not you made the correct choices that will lead you to a juicy sex scene. The sex scenes are guaranteed. But your choices are important because they will alter the over all feel of the game and the direction of the story. They will impact who the characters are, what they believe of the MC, and what motivates them. All of those things will have a definite impact on the ending. So we hope you’ll hang in there with us.

As an added bonus, here is a sneak peek, of our tentative release schedule and what you can expect to experience:

  • v0.9.0: Lupita’s next scene (Handjob or Blowjob)
  • v0.10.0: Emily’s next scene (Hardcore sex)
  • v0.11.0: Cassie’s next scene (full nudity)
  • v0.12.0: Jane and Amanda (Hardcore sex with Jane / Setting up Amanda)

And of course with all of that, we have what we hope you’ll agree is a great story to take you through it all. So stay tuned my friends. It only gets better from here.


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