Weekly Update 2018-04-17

First off my apologies for being two days late with this update. We have hit a couple of rough patches, but we continue to drive the ball forward.

As you already know, our video card recently took a crap. And now that the dust has settled a bit, we thought we’d go ahead and share with you some of the history there. When we first started this project we knew we wanted to do high quality renders. So to help jump start that, we threw together a few hundred bucks and purchased a used GTX 1070 to help us hit the ground running. We knew the card had some mileage on it, and we tried going easy on the old girl, but it just wasn’t enough.

It as no secret from the get go that the first thing we’d need to invest in was PC hardware. So we set some goals that would help get us there, but we never planned on waiting until we hit those goals before upgrading our machines. That is why we have been reserving all of our patron income for computer upgrades and purchasing all of the digital assets out of our own pockets. 

Therein lies the upside. We have several hundred dollars of your investment sitting idle waiting to be spent on hardware. The downside however is that it’s not quite enough to bring us operational. So we are exploring ways that we can make up the difference in the meantime.

That aside, writing continues. Not only have we finished Cassie’s next scenes, we are half way through Jane’s and shooting to have four new scenes for Amanda complete for our next update. So even though we are sans imagery at the moment, the story is progressing. We’ve also settled on a narrative structure that is going to guide us to the finish line.

Moving forward, each character story will take place in three acts. Each act will feature three to four scenes with two different tracks depending on the choices the player makes. The end of act one will have the character’s romantic relationships firmly established while the end of act two will feature all of the romantic cross-overs. Act three will then be climax, with one or two subsequent scenes to wrap up the story. So each character will have a total of sixteen scenes, ten of which will be experienced in any given play through.

Reading over that now I realize it sounds like a goddamned mess, but believe me, it’s a solid structure that is helping us shape the narrative and clearly define the mile stones in each of the plots. It also clearly defines where cross-overs can and will happen, and gives us a solid view the finish line. All that that we have left to do now is finish writing the scenes.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to keep you updated on all of the developments and work our assess off to make sure your patience is well rewarded.


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