Weekly Update 2018-06-12


Well, as previously announced, we are back. Patreon is very quick to black out your site, but dreadfully slow at responding to your review request and getting your site unlocked. We even made it as easy as we could. We removed all the images and cut any links to external adult content. An assessment could have been made at a glance. It was a very eye-opening experience. Hopefully we will not have to deal with that in the near future, but as a precaution we are already building our back up support system. Should they ever decide to close us out, we want to have a contingency in place so that work may resume unabated. 

I’m pleased to announce that preliminary work in that department is going well. Our alternative has us paying a significantly higher processing fee than we would through Patreon, but at least it would be an opportunity to continue. And we’ll be free to release any kind of content we like free of restriction. So we’ll continue building and exploring that possibility in the meantime. So, what’s changed? A lot.

Per the results of the poll, we have revamped the reward system. Considering what other developers are offering, listening to the feedback of players and fans, and factoring in where we want to go and how we want to develop, what you now have is a more traditional reward system at your disposal. We understand that some people preferred the system the way it was, others were happy with the change. Some have already expressed their opinion by removing their support while others have changed their contribution up or down. A readjustment was to be expected, all we can do is stay the course. And how does the horizon look? Beautiful.

We are only about a hundred bucks shy of the new graphics card and we expect to have that difference made up by the end of the week. Congratulations are in order! We made it through the darkness. Now the real work can begin. We’ve continued to write, rewrite, rebuild, and created several test renders using the onboard GPU. I’m very pleased to announce that the quality of work has increased exponentially. We are very much looking forward to bringing you the next release. It has been far too long!!!

And while that work continues, we’re going to bring to you our first poll. One of the biggest points of criticism we’ve received during the alpha was the model of Monica, Roger’s girlfriend and personal trainer. Many people expressed an opinion that her model has been over used in several other games. Naturally we don’t want to go where others have already worn down a path. The timing is right for a recasting. We are moving into the beta and at this point, all models need to be final. We took about eight hours over the weekend and jammed out three options for Monica. Look for that poll to hit within the next couple of hours with all the details.

My hope is that by the next update, we’ll be able to start updating you on actual scene completion progress. That is all for now my friends. Thanks for sticking with us and helping us drive through the rough patch.

We at Ianvs Salute You!

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