Weekly Update 2018-06-19

It is with great pleasure I get to announce to you that are we back at 100% operational capacity. The new card has been acquired and installed, and we are up and rolling once more. The new system is running perfectly and our render times have never been faster.

Now that we can manipulate our Iray scenes in real-time, we can do a better job of perfecting lighting, staging and posing. We’ve run a few test renders on some of the scenes we previously composed and have been hard at work improving those scenes.

Our distribution plan moving forward is to release a large update at the beginning of each month. With half of the month already gone, this first update will be fractionally smaller than the planned updates in the future. But it will provide you with a solid introduction to the story and a demonstration of the new style going forward. Despite its potentially smaller size, I think it will give you something to be excited about.

Our next big goal is to not only continue working on the main story, but to begin refining our animation abilities. We are still unsure how long it will take to render the animations themselves, so there is some experimentation to be done. But we are damned excited to finally be able do it.

The new reward system is in place and we have already begun working on those deliverables as well. Our first poll is up for $5+ patrons, and surprisingly enough, there have not been many votes. Perhaps people are just indifferent to the Monica decision. If however you do give a damn which model plays the role of Monica and you are a patron of $5 or more, please cast your vote here. Currently, Monica B is in the lead by a handful of a votes with a week and a half left to vote.

*Right click -> Save as to see a larger version

We’ll also be drawing out the weekly teaser scenes and nude character art for this week and next, so stay tuned for those as well.

As always, we appreciate your continued support and look forward to delivering on all the great things we’ve promised. Your patience and dedication have not gone unnoticed and it’s time for you to reap the rewards of your loyalty. There are great things ahead! And we couldn’t deliver them without you.

Cheers friends!

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