Weekly Update 2018-07-22

Hello everyone, as always I hope we are all having a good week.

First the reminders, for those who are qualified and haven’t done so yet, please don’t forget to vote in July’s Poll for Cassie’s new swimsuit found here.

And in case you might have missed it, our featured character nude this month was a very tasteful portrait of Amanda located here.

Well, it’s been seven days, time to brief you on what we’ve been up to recently. The beta is moving along great. This week has been all about rebuilding the Cassie/Jane/Amanda Pool scene from the ground up. This was the scene that we originally launched our game with, and we’ve given it quite the make over.

While the original scene only ran about 250 lines of code and dialogue, the new version has been blown out to over 800 lines. And while the original only consisted of about 20 images, the new version will have…well I don’t have a count yet. We’re still staging and rendering. But I will definitely return with a count when I have one.

Just for a little background, the environment we used in that scene consisted of some very old daz models. We didn’t know it at the time, but one reason we got Roger’s house on the cheap was that these models predated Iray and the photoreal rendering we’ve become such huge fans of. This means the original renders were lacking in detail in some very major ways. Light doesn’t play correctly with the surfaces and things have a tendency to look, ‘plasticy’.

In the time since that scene was originally shot, we have learned a tremendous amount. So much in fact that we have taken those old sets and given them new life. With about $50 worth of new Iray shaders and custom surfaces we built ourselves, we have given every inch of Roger’s house a make-over.

All of the surfaces, from the pool to the driveway have been touched up and properly updated to work with the Iray render engine. And I want to tell you, the results are amazing. I know to some this may sound trivial, but to us, visual quality is a big deal. And that quality must run from the characters through the environment. Our goal is to make our game stand out in three ways.

The first, is quality of writing. We’re tired of reading adult novels and games with dialogue and situations that just defy belief. Is there some stretch of imagination required to digest our story. Absolutely. But does it require a massive suspension of disbelief to think the scenarios we build are plausible? Certainly not.

The second area of excellence we are looking to conquer is visual quality. There is nothing worse than a good adult game that is ruined by the images provided. Or worse, when the visuals are good, but the creator was careless and his gorgeous model who is kneeling over the bed has her hand floating a half inch above the surface. We may be in the minority, but we notice shit like that and to us it smacks of laziness.

The third is gameplay itself. We want you to enjoy this game without worrying about game over screens or some other kind of finality creeping up mid-game. We want you to have the freedom to approach a dialogue choice and pick the option you think sounds best without regard to whether or not it will cut you off from a potential sex scene. Our game will be filled with adult content regardless of the path you choose. We want you to have the liberty to sit back and just enjoy the ride. And then, if you want, play it again and again, making different choice and experiencing the story anew should you desire.

Anyways, I apologize for rambling. These are just some of the thoughts that have been going through my head this week as I read reviews of our previous release. Much of the feedback has been exceptionally good, the rest I think is misguided because the authors of those reviews lack an understanding of what it is we are trying to accomplish.

I have no doubt that in time, we’ll make believers out of them all.

But until then, we thank you for your generous support. Hang around with us, we’ve got a lot more good stuff coming your way.

We at Ianvs Salute you!

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