Weekly Update 2018-07-29

Happy Sunday Friends.

Another productive week come and gone.

Not much new ┬áto report. Still just hard at work putting together the extended pool scene. Still don’t have a final render count, but the total is climbing fast.

The new extended scene will include 17 dialogue choices to drive the evolution of your relationship with each of the three teenage girls. While we had originally hoped to include more than a single scene with our next release, work on this one has proven to be a big deal.

Then of course we stepped back and realized that given the size, complexity and number of characters involved, it was really the equivalent of three scenes wrapped up into one, so we stopped beating ourselves up over it.

On another note, we’ve always stressed that visual quality is one of our ongoing areas of improvement. To that end, we’ve discovered some great tools we’ve purchased and installed to ratchet that up a notch.

Mostly utilities to improve the look and quality of skin textures. Since there is going to be a lot of skin in this game, we figured it was a worthy investment. For most of the wide angle shots, the improvements will be marginal. But for the up-close images, the quality improvement is amazing! We look forward to demonstrating it very soon.

That’s it for now my friends. I know it’s very light, but we’re continuing to grind and by the next update we should have a speculative release date lined up. Not much longer.

Oh, and look for the teaser scene from the next update coming in the next day or so. We promise to make it a good one!

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