Weekly Update 2018-08-26

What the hell?! It’s Sunday already? Holy shit. Well. Here we go.

Progress is moving right along. We’ve completed staging one of Emily’s animated sex scenes. Working on the others. Our goal is to push hard this week and get this updated wrapped. We’ll have a few long nights ahead of us, but we’re going to squeeze in a few extra hours of work this week so we can get it done. We can see the mile marker from here, just gotta close that last gap.

Current Progress

The new skin mods are looking great. Fecal’s time and dedication to learning everything he can about Daz is certainly paying off. The guy is a machine and he just isn’t stopping. He claims his next goal is to master the camera in Daz. Specifically, focal distance and f/stop. According to him there are some very cool things we could be doing with the Daz cameras that will further enhance the visual quality. Fortunately, he is a man of reason and he’s sworn off making any changes or implementing upgrades until after this next release.

Choke Point

We’ve come to a bottle neck for the moment in our process. We’ve hit a point where Fecal, as the Master of Visuals among us, is solely responsible for putting together the imagery for the story. Which means there isn’t much any of us can do to help the man. I’m charging ahead with writing the story while our co-authors are helping with story ideas and coding. As we move forward we will be ahead of the project on ready material. We’re just waiting for pretty pictures.

I suspect very soon we’ll be shifting around some of our Patreon goals. We clearly need another pixel pusher before we need a code monkey. That doesn’t really impact much in terms of where were at. But just letting you know we’re thinking ahead.

Phasing out the Old Reward System

Just a reminder to all patrons of $10 and up. Starting next month, we’ll be rolling ahead with the $5 meal deal. While we appreciate patrons going above and beyond, we just want to be clear that there will not be any additional rewards to be had above $5.

For those in the $5 tier, starting September 1st, we will open up all the previous content that was previously reserved for upper tier patrons.

Current Poll

As a reminder, the current poll can be found here

5 days left and Mrs. Milfy is in the lead. Cast your votes!

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