Weekly Update 2018-09-09

Going to keep this short and sweet as we are currently in the process of wrapping up the next disty.

Want to apologize for the exceptionally long delay between releases. Without airing all of our dirty laundry, we’ve had a personnel change on this side and some serious discussion regarding quality thresholds.

Sometimes the problem with perfectionists is that things get drawn out as they continue making incremental changes. Some of us felt that an intervention was required and we needed to create some internal policies to help curb some of this behavior that had become rampant.

Unfortunately this cost us a team member. But if it come down to hitting deadlines or taking months to get two simple chapters done, then c’est la vie.

We’re happy to share the details later when we aren’t under pressure to get our release done.

For now, we’re going to right this ship and bring it into port in the next couple of days. Thanks for hanging with us.

Salute Friends!

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