Weekly Update 2018-11-03

Alright, now that we’re almost caught up, I can spare a minute to drop some news.


The next update is moving along very nicely. We’ve wrapped up production on the next Jane update, we’re about 65% of the way there. This update will feature Jane in one of two possible scenes. Which scene you experience will depend on your choices in the previous dialogue by the pool.

So while this next update technically includes two new Jane scenes, only one will be experienced in a single play through. Beyond Nanami’s initial chapter, this nicely showcase how your decisions can affect not only your relationship with another character, but how their personality is impacted by your choices.

We have another week of vacation coming up, so that’s another straight 40 hours to wrap up this update and get the distribution out.

Poll Results

The Lupita outfit poll certainly stirred up more passion than we had intended. There was a lot of intense discussion on our page and on discord. In the end, thirty votes were cast and the traditional maid outfit won by a single vote. For those fans of the remaining two, worry not. Lupita will still have an opportunity to sport them in her off time. However, while she’s working in Roger’s home, her professionalism shall win the day.


Since we’ll be working on the game every day this week, you will be able to find us on Discord between the hours of 10:00am to 3:00pm EST, Monday thru Friday. Please feel free to hit us up with your questions, give us a little feedback, or just drop in an say hi. We look forward to it.

The link can be found here.


Don’t forget we still have our promotions running. We’ve spoken to our friends at Gemmex Promotions and have decided to retain the current promotion for another month. The decision was made mostly on the fact that Jane is our feature model this month and it might do well to offer those drawn in by her wiles another chance to acquire some of her goods. If you need additional details, please refer here.

We also want to thank those of you who have taken us up on our referral offers. We’ve confirmed delivery of the goods and hope you enjoy the treat. Details on our referral program are here.

What’s Next

We have a busy week ahead of us. We have to finish rendering and building out the second Jane scene for the next update. This alternate scene will also feature some sexy animations, but we have plenty of time this week to drill in on it and get it done. We’re looking forward to a very productive five days.

We’ll also have a couple of polls going live this week. The first will be to establish whose story we will focus on in the month of December. The second poll will involve some more costume choices for upcoming character scenes. Look forward to those in the next couple of days.

Now that we have some breathing room, Fecalmancer is going to be doing some updates to our homepage. We’ve largely neglected this area while devoting more of our time to game production. His updates will largely feature some additional artwork as well as developer insight and talk. Behind the scenes stuff and what-not. We’ll be sure to let you know when those updates go live.

Weekly Preview

*Right-click Save As for a larger version.

That’s all I have for this evening friends.


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