Weekly Update 2018-11-10

It’s that time again friends…


We’re nearly finished with Jane’s next update. We have two more animations queued up to render and when that is finished we can move into final testing. Should have it wrapped up in the next couple days.

This update for Jane was quite the learning experience. Our goal has always been to have copious animations in our story. But compared to rendering still images, animating is a very different beast. But with each new animation, we learn more, we get better, and most importantly we get faster. I’m happy to say that Jane’s next update will include four animations and that together they added very little to the development time.

As we continue to grow and get better, the animations will get more complex, more impressive and much hotter. But for now, it’s a starting point. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve put together.


Originally we had planned to run the current poll through the end of the month, but we’re moving along faster than planned. We’ve made some scheduling changes that are detailed below, and as a result, we are going to reduce the time period for the current poll.

The current poll will end Tuesday at Midnight.

In case you missed it, the current poll is to determine which story we are working on next. Currently Cassie in the lead with Lupita and Amanda trailing. If you have a strong opinion regarding which tale gets told, please be sure to vote here. 

What’s Next

Given our current level of attention and having gained some additional experience with our production time, we are estimating we should be able complete a scene a week. Which means every two weeks we’ll have another character’s story advanced one step further.

Our intent is to begin releasing story updates every two weeks, with a bonus scene included every fourth week or more. This estimate is based on how long it has taken us to complete Jane’s chapter as well as the two previous sequences before it. We think it’s a pace we can reasonably maintain and it potentially yields two updates a month.

It also affords you some flexibility as well. For those wanting bigger updates, wait till the end of the month and you should have a nice little chunk. Those wanting faster updates can download the bi-weekly updates and play it out as quick as we produce it.

We’d love to know what you think of this plan, so please feel free to send a message or comment on our post below.

Weekly Preview

And the last teaser for Jane’s upcoming release.

*Right-click and Save-As for a larger version.

That is all I have for this evening friends. We’ll talk soon.


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