Weekly Update 2018-11-16


Having wrapped up Jane’s second scene, we are already hard at work on bringing our poor Lupita up to speed. We know she’s been neglected up until this point, but don’t worry, we’re about to do right by her. We did a last minute re-write on her introduction and added a few more things that really help round out the scene. It’s larger and more robust than what we had before, and we think the final version will be a crowd pleaser. One of our new goals moving forward is to make the scenes longer, larger and more robust than before. We not only want to increase the amount of content in each release, but we want that content to be richer and more colorful than the economical scenes we’ve been producing.

We’re always looking for ways to improve. We hope you agree that we are.


Patreon participation in these polls has certainly been on the rise, and we thank you for that. You’re feedback in invaluable to our development. That said, this last poll was a close one. Cassie and Amanda were neck and neck almost the entire way, but in the final day Cassie managed to eek out a victory. So once we finish wrapping up on Lupita, I’ll set to work doing the final draft of Cassie’s follow-up scenes while Fecal continues work on Lupita’s renders.

We’ll be launching our next poll on Monday, November 19th. It will be another wardrobe poll. This time, Cassie needs help picking out some new sleepwear. In an effort to garner the attention of a certain male head of the house, Cassie went shopping for something special. ¬†With Jane’s help, she narrowed it down to three.

Now due to Patreon guidelines, we can’t show the entirety of the images publicly, but when the poll launches the uncensored version will be visible to $5 patrons. So here is a sneak peek of your upcoming decision…

*Right-click and Save As for a larger version.

What’s Next

We’ve noticed a trend in the last two polls. Jane, Cassie and Amanda typically lead, with Nanami and Lupita trailing behind. That said, we’re going to skip the next development poll and push up Amanda and Nanami into the next slots for development. Time permitting, we’ll also try and squeeze in Emily’s next scene as well, but this will depend solely on how rapidly we progress through the two prior characters.

For everyone who has been waiting ever so patiently for us to pass where we abandoned our alpha, that time is drawing very, very near. Thus while the beta has seen a major overhaul of the previous material making it “new” in many ways, we’ll soon have some fresh tales to throw your way. We’re excited about it and we hope you are too.

Weekly Preview

This week’s teaser is a feature from Lupita’s upcoming introduction. Enjoy!

*Right-click and Save As for a larger version for your desktop or child’s lunchbox.

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