Weekly Update 2018-11-30


Well, there goes another month! I have to say that this week has been exceptionally productive. Having made the decision to produce a three character update, which is monumental for a team with our limited time and resources, we’ve been hard at work chipping away at the to-do list.

This week has been all about writing and coding. We have completed writing and coding Lupita’s introduction, Cassie’s “Blue” track, and Nanami’s “Blue” track. All that is left in Cassie and Nanami’s “Red” tracks and we are ready to dive in on the art work.

As we move past the introductions and really get into our character’s individual stories, the scenes have definitely been getting longer. I’m a poor judge of play time, but I can already tell this next update is going to be unlike anything we’ve ever done before. We’re excited and cannot wait to bring it to you.

Welcome New Patrons!

We’ve seen an amazing surge of support this month, our greatest ever! 37 New Pledges may not sound like a lot, but for us it’s amazing and we appreciate everyone who contributes to our project regardless of the amount. And you joined at a great time, we have a nice little library of art and bonuses to sift through, with more coming every week. Seriously though, we have some great updates planned and we think you’ll be just as excited to play them as we are to create them. We have a stellar community and we are happy that you have chosen to be a part of it. We at Ianvs Salute You!


We’ve got 3 days left on Cassi’s nightwear poll. I know we’ve seen a lot of net patrons come on this month so in case you weren’t aware, if you’re a $5 patron and you haven’t voted yet, you can do so here

The choices are among the three nightie’s below. You can see the uncensored version in the actual poll (which may or may not help your decision making). We’ve got 3 days left to vote. So chime in!

*Right-click and Save As for a larger version.

What’s Next

Next on the agenda is finishing up coding these scenes and making with the renders. We have several animations to do and need to spend some time in the Daz store picking up assets this week and getting everything primed.

Once Fecal has a few of the new locations we’ll need, he can start doing test lighting and sharing with us some teaser pics of what’s to come. So while we don’t have any teaser scene to share with you this week, we do have something else…

New Menu Items


As many of you know, we spend a good deal of time cruising through the forums and communities that have threads dedicated specifically to discussion of this game. We’ve picked up a few very good ideas, suggestions and nuggets there, among which was the need for a relationship meter. One of our friends on the forum suggested we include some kind of personality spectrum to help players gauge where they stand with each of the seven main characters. So over the holiday week, Xanatos had some downtime and started working extensively to uncover some additional tools in Renpy that we had yet to play with.

What we have at the moment is simple, but functional, and will be ready with the next release. In the menu you have a “Relationships” screen that shows your accumulated Blue/Red totals with each character. The bars currently represent the percentage of the total decisions you’ve made up to that point in the game.


The second addition was a kinks menu. Currently the game is set up so that you can set your preferences at the start of a new game, or in the middle of a game if we added something since your last save. With this new menu, you can pop in any time and adjust your settings.


This screen exists as a convenience! It is designed to be accessed at the start of a new game, or after we have added additional items to the list. I have absolutely no idea what will happen if you change these items mid-game or between saves. Worst case scenario I believe will be that you wind up with a story whose parts don’t quite match up and inconsistencies in dialogue will occur.

With the next release, we recommend you go into the menu, set your choices, then leave them be. Otherwise, who knows what the hell can happen.

In Closing

So that is all I have for now ladies and gentlemen. We have more stuff coming up soon. We still owe you some nude art and a teaser scene. We’ll make good on all of that just as soon as we get into the rendering process again sometime next week.

Cheers Everyone!

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