Weekly Update 2018-12-14

Teaser Scene

I don’t mean to brag, but I sorta do. When compared to where we were a year ago, our Daz skills have clearly increased exponentially. The study of shaders and light alone are paying dividends. Now, just for sake of comparison, I want to include one of the original renders from Lupita’s introduction in the alpha version of our game less than twelve months ago…

In the last twelve months, thanks to your support, contributions and enthusiasm we have been working hard to surpass our humble beginnings and really develop a great product for you. We have high hopes and expectations for our game and we take the task of bringing you the best very seriously!

We’ve been using your contributions to upgrade our hardware, study lighting, study anatomy, study posture and most of all, become students of the human face. We want each of our renders to carry with it the emotional state of our characters. We have spent so much time developing them physically, emotionally and personality-wise that we want to be able to transmit all of that to you in a single frame of visual pleasure.

All that having been said, this month’s teaser scene comes from Lupita’s reworked introduction. Soon our girl will be back with you and looking lovelier than ever! And being that her “papa” used to smoke cigars, she knows the difference between a Maduro and a Connecticut. Using 100% original poses, built by us, from zero, she is more animated than ever and ready to get to work.

Now, speaking of work…


Another week come and gone and what a productive one it has been. Cassie’s next [Blue] track scene has been  100% completed, forty-five visuals rendered and all! We’re about 75% of the way done on having Lupita’s Introduction 100% complete, including about one-hundred visuals that we anticipate will be finished rendering in the next couple of hours.

We’ve also taken a big step in our animations this week. Going forward, $35 of your contributions come right off the top and go towards paying for our Adobe support package. We’ve been using Photoshop in our post production work since the beginning. But now that we are getting serious about animating, we figured it was time to go a step further in that direction and invest in Adobe Premier Pro. Holy shit! What a payoff!

Using Premier Pro we now have much finer control over the post production work for our animations than ever before. With Premier we have been able to fine tune the “speed” of the animations as well as the quality of the looping. We are now also capable of outputting our animations in the same high quality as the still frames we input.

The net result are crisper, cleaner, smoother, high resolution animations unlike anything we’ve produced before. And we are producing. Along with all of the above work we’ve completed this week, we also have two HD animations for the Lita and Lola sex scenes done and in the game. We can’t wait for you to experience them!

Current Poll

Don’t forget we have about nine days left on our current poll, the selection of Monica’s date night ensemble. $5 Patrons Can Vote HERE. 

What’s Next

All we have left is to finish the second half of the visuals for Nanami’s next [Blue] and [Red] track scenes as well as complete the renders for Cassie’s [Red] track scene.

It sounds like a lot of work, and it is. But we are going to drive hard this week and try to get this release out before Christmas. If we fail, I think you can safely look for it the week of the holiday. We’re going to push hard! So stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated with some mini-updates as the week progresses.

We at Ianvs Salute You!

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