Weekly Update 2019-01-04

Teaser Scene

This weeks teaser isn’t of a scene, but of a new graphical element we’ve chosen to add to the game. Inspired in no small part by Nottravis at Nottravis Games (which by the way if you haven’t checked out their first release, Heavy Five, I suggest you do so here. It’s goooooood!). 

We had previously rejected the idea of having any kind of inventory or graphical UI because we didn’t see the value it added to our type of choice driven story. But we neglected to consider the value of an in-game character database and character journal.

Right now the “Day Planner” is only populated with biographical information on the seven main love interests as well as their respective Blue/Red stats. But the goal over the next few releases is to populate it with information on all the characters in the game.

The Planner will also feature a journal for each of the seven characters and as Roger makes important decisions, the journal will be updated to reflect your history of choices with each character.

It’s a fun addition, but rather than halt production to work on this new feature, we’re going to integrate it slowly over the next few updates so that we can continue with our regular update schedule.


Now that the holidays are over we’re getting back into the full swing of things. We have Amanda’s next Blue path written, coded and ready for rendering. That just leaves Amanda’s Red path left to do along with all the renders for both scenes and some final work we need to do on Nanami’s update. Last week was a slow week for us with the holiday break, but we’re back in gear and ready to jam.

Current Poll

Uh, there isn’t one. We missed a beat between trying to get Cassie’s update out for Christmas and taking a little bit of off time for the holidays. But we’re putting one together as we speak and plan to go live with it on Monday.

We figure it’s time we made some choices for Jane.

What’s Next

We continue driving forward. Our next update will feature Nanami and Amanda, after that, well, I guess we need a poll to figure that out as well. We’ll have that poll up in the next couple of hours so check back and if you’re a $5 patron you can sound off and help us steer development.

I know, kind of a light update this week, but we’ll have some meat coming your way real soon.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday!


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