Weekly Update 2019-02-15

Teaser Scene

This week’s teaser scene is one of the replacement scenes for Nanami’s next chapter. Since we had to go back and make some changes to work with the new layers, we thought we’d make some upgrades to the camera work and lighting as well. Enjoy.


Happy to say this has been something of a normal week. We’ve finally managed to settle down on a cadence that will keep us moving forward at a regular pace. This week we’ve managed to update the code for the game intro to be used in v1.1.X and we’ve recoded Nanami’s next scene to be forwards and backwards compatible. We’ve also started to re-render Nanami’s next scene so that it will be compatible with the new layering system. So altogether it’s been a very productive week. Going forward the goal is to make every week this productive.

Live Streaming

Previously we have avoided any kind of live stream because it was just too straining on the GPU and Processor. Well now, thanks to your contributions, we have acquired a second GPU to help speed up renders. Now that we can turn off the processor and relieve of the burden of boosting render speed, we have some overhead we can play with.

We did a couple of test streams this week to make sure that we could do it smoothly and everything fired off without a hitch. So we’re thinking of doing a regular weekly or bi-weekly stream of our Daz work while we put together the game. But this is where we need some feedback from you.

Obviously any streams of game scenes may include some spoilers. While there is no dialogue or anything visible to add context to a scene, inferences might be made in some cases. So the question to the community is, what do you want to see us stream? Here are some options:

  • Regular work on the game. We’d be building scenes and putting together visual assets for the game using all of your favorite characters, but spoilers may ensue.
  • Monthly Wallpapers. Alternatively we could hold some polls on a month wallpaper. What character, where they are at and what they are doing. Then we could do a series of streams building that visual bundle of pleasure. These types of streams would be highly erotic and mostly educational as we discuss some of the finer points of Daz. We would take you through the build from start to finish for say an hour or two each week. From asset selection, posing, shading, lighting, rendering etc. We could be the Bob Ross of porn.
  • Character creation. As we employ side characters in the game, it might be fun to gather some members of the community and design those one/two shot characters together. We could vote on a base model and then do a live community round house where we build the character out, all the physical assets and other such choices involved. How often we could do this would of course depend on how many side characters we need at a given time. So there could be lulls where no development in this area is occurring.

These were just some of the ideas we came up with brainstorming the stream. We could do a combination of the above or if you have some other ideas we’d love to hear them. Our streams will be located on www.picarto.tv/doctoramana   

We’d love your input on what we should do with this new outlet. So please, sound off!

What’s Next

Continue driving forward. Nanami’s next scene is written and coded and visual work is underway. We’ll continue pushing those out and in between renders continue with the scene updates for v1.1.X. Once we have v1.1.X up to date we will retire v1.0.X and v1.1.X will become the new public version.

For those wishing to check out progress on v1.1.X, $10+ patrons can download a copy of the completed work, called the W.I.P. version. It’s incomplete, buggy and ultimately in progress. But it’s a chance to check out the new interface and inform us of any bugs or problems encountered.

Next week we’ll continue the writing process with Jane and Emily’s next scenes, followed by more Lupita, Monica and Cassie. A lot of work ahead of us as always, but we’re enthusiastic about it.

As always, we thank you for your support and appreciate your encouragement.

Salute Friends!

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