Weekly Update 2019-03-22

This week’s teaser picture is of Lita, one of the lovely ladies working at the gentleman’s club called Caligula’s. In their efforts to uncover as much dirt as possible on Arthur, Roger may have to pump a few different people for information.


For those who have the optional Transgender content turned on, you’ll be working with Lola instead of Lita.

As you can see from the two images, adding this additional content really is a minimal amount of work. While the two characters have very different dialogue (takes an afternoon to write) we are able to simply re-texture the existing scenes to accommodate the visual variance in the two alternate scenes. And while there may be a handful of additional scenes that cannot simply be remapped, that little bit of extra work is going to reward us all.

So even if you aren’t fully in support of the added trans content, remember, you can turn it off, and never see it. But optional content = wider fanbase = more support = more resources for developing the game. It really is worth our time.

Weekly Progress

This has been an incredible week of work. We’ve managed to get a lot done in moving ahead with the next update. If I were to guess, I’d say we’re probably about 75% of the way there. While I’m always hesitant these days to put eta’s on things, if I was gambling, I would say there is a very good shot of having this done in the next week, maybe two. It all comes down to how much free time we manage to wrangle next week for work on the game.

But in the meantime, I’ve been spending some of the render time working on the script for the next two scenes, so hopefully we’ll those nailed down quickly and move right ahead just as soon as this one is complete.

Work on v1.1 continues as well and we should have an update to that shortly too. The goal is to have the two versions completely on par with each other in the next four or five months so that we can retire v1.0 and make v1.1 the official version, with all the enhancements and bonuses added. So here’s to good luck with that.


We finally managed to get our live stream going this week and I have to say, it felt like a success. We only had a handful of viewers but that was to be expected with our first go around.

Still, the viewers present were thankfully very engaged and I didn’t have to make everything up on the fly. Some good ideas came out and we have a nice wallpaper in the works. I look forward to finishing it with the group next Wednesday.

I would like to keep the Live Streams consistently Wednesday, mid-day EST, but we may have to occasionally shift that depending on our personal availability. However, I am making a strong effort to always keep the Patreon Overview page updated with the next Stream times at the very top.

With about 2 hours of video, and over a half-gig in size, we’re working on cutting the video up into smaller pieces for uploading. After that, we just need to find a reliable video hosting platform that will allow us to post adult content and we’ll be able to offer an archive of our live streams to patrons of $5+.

I’ll keep you posted as that develops. In the meantime, our next Stream is currently schedule for Wednesday, March 27th at 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM EST.

What’s Next

For now we continue plugging away at the game. We’ve had a very strong week and I want to keep that inertia going through the weekend and into next Monday. If I can clock even fifteen hours this weekend on the game, that would be an excellent push.

In the meantime, we appreciate all of your support and we are grateful that you’ve chosen to invest your time and money into our game. Your support means a lot. Every pledge brings us closer to full time production. If we can get to where we are working on this game full time, well then we can really let the good times roll!

Thank you! We at Ianvs Salute You!

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