Weekly Update 2019-03-28

Teaser Scene

Lita, I mean, what do we really know about her? We know she has something you want as well as something you need. But I wouldn’t trust her. And it may be some time before we finally know who was using who.

Weekly Progress

Holy shit! What a week. We’ve managed to render and add 60 new images to the next update, as well as another 58 that have been rendered out and waiting for post processing.

And we worked in a pretty amazing live stream as well! This week, despite all the crunching and real work blues, was incredibly productive. I am desperately hoping next week goes as smoothly.

As a treat, we’ve shared one of the completed images of Lita above. (We have another NSFW teaser for $5 patrons coming up shortly.)


We had another very successful stream this week. Since the character poll ended in a 3-way tie between Lupita, Cassie and Amanda, and there was no time for a tie breaker, we just jammed out a nice massage scene using all three of the girls.

If you missed you, you can catch the results of our cooperative labor here, on our home page.

I want to thank everyone who watched, and especially those who participated and contributed all the wonderful ideas that eventually led to the amazing piece of work we put together.

I very much enjoy working with you all and together making something fun and saucy!

We’re going to skip the poll though for the next live stream since some great ideas have since come forth. Since we did a poll for the “soccer mom warehouse milf” but haven’t used her yet in the game, we’re going to do a two…maybe three some with at least soccer milf and Monica in the warehouse.

Maybe we’ll get clever and tie someone to a forklift. Who knows. What I do know is that with this next one we want to get a little extra kinky, so don’t miss out!

As far as posting up the archive, that is still a work in progress. We’re overcoming the obstacles of video conversion, compression, editing and hosting. It’s hard to find a quality video host that allows our kind of adult content. (If you know of one shoot us a notice! Please.)

The archive will happen in due time, but at the moment the next release is our priority. So we’ll keep you updated on the archive progress.

Oh, and one last thing. Going forward we’re going to extend the Live Stream by 30 minutes because based on the two previous streams, it seems that two and a half hours is sufficient enough to complete an entire wall paper, even one with three characters!


We squeezed in some time this week between all those amazing renders to do some much needed house keeping and updating to our webpage. We’ve ignored it for some time and kind of let it sink it to obscurity, but no more.

We’ve refreshed the graphics using screen shots from the game (a time saver since we don’t really want to dedicate precious working ours to custom art on the ol’ HP). And we’ve cross-linked it to the rest of our online presence.

This will also be the place we start posting up our SFW Wallpapers as well as the live stream results. So check back weekly as there should be some new stuff working seeing.

We’re also going to make a larger effort to update the Dev-log…maybe. It’s possible that we side-line the old blog in favor of the live streaming tutorials in the even we get that running in a timely fashion.

What’s Next

I’m sure you know at this point, we keep working! With 146 renders already integrated into the new update, and another 58 to post process and code-in, I’d still say we’re only about 85% of the way there. We still have three entire sex scenes to render (and we’re getting really meaty with that now.

No more single position, wham-bam-thank-you-jane-go-home action. We’re building out multiple positions, a couple of different fetishes, and the option of slamming two girls per playthrough in the next update:

trans-off -> Lita and Nanami
trans-on -> Lola and Nanami

We know the wait has been long, but it’s our hope when you see this next release, you’ll not only be experiencing the best we’ve done to date, but also consider it worth the wait.

As always, feel free to send us your comments, critiques, criticisms and complaints. We love feedback and we read every word. It’s your enthusiasm that keeps us going and puts fuel in our tank.

And as always, thanks to our loyal patrons! We wouldn’t still be here without you!

We at Ianvs Salute You!

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