Weekly Update 2019-04-09

Teaser Scene

Roger ‘This shit was unprecedented. Where had my life taken such a sharp right turn? Was I really here, in the basement of a titty bar, arguing with a hooker?’

Weekly Progress

I know I’m running a few days late with the weekly update, but you know, Real Job Blues.

Still, last week was a good week. We completed another 60 renders for the update, so the count is definitely climbing. And while render count alone doesn’t mean much, it’s the best quantitative measure of progress I have at the moment.

The chapter continues to grow. Not just in visuals but in coding and text as well. Inspiration struck during the render creation process and we slipped in another couple of scenes that weren’t part of the original story board but that add some additional layers and crossovers. So it’s all for the better.

Can’t tell you how excited I am to get this next segment into your hands. I think it’s some of our best work yet and a great demonstration of the quality to come.


While we’ve had a couple of really great streams so far and I look forward to doing more. But I’m going to forego the stream this week to log some more hours in on the game itself. We’re getting very close to putting a wrap on this next update and I want to jam as many hours this week on it as possible.

But the streams are not done, and we’ll see about picking up where we left off next week. So just hold tight with me for a bit.

What’s Next

We’re getting close, very close. Not close enough I can give you an estimate on the release date, but tentatively I will say either next week or the week after at the latest. But I’m driving very, very hard for next week.

We’ll see how close we get and I may be persuaded to take some paid time off from that other job just so I can get it done. I’ll keep you informed as the timeline develops.


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