Weeky Update 2018-12-28

Teaser Scene

In this week’s teaser scene we bring you a snippet of what’s to come in Amanda’s first update. Look at her, she’s sweet, innocent, and looking to Roger for some friendly advice. Promise me you’ll be good to her…please!


After jamming out on updates during Thanksgiving and literally the day before Christmas, we’ve taken a little bit of a break this week just to catch our breath. That’s not to say we’ve been completely idle though.

A lot of the work we’ve done this week has been behind the scenes mechanical-type stuff. We’ve done a lot of restructuring to the code and reorganized some files to help make updates easier and to ease the maintenance process a little.

We’ve been diligent in making sure that as we make structural changes to our game that your saves will remain compatible. We’ve always said we never want to do an update that will force you to restart the game and we mean that.

Current Poll

In the holiday rush we neglected to post the results of the previous poll so here they are:

Outfit C was the clear winner. So when the time comes, look for Monica to be sporting this sexy piece on date night.

We’re working on the next poll as we speak and we’ll have it ready to post promptly after the New Year.

What’s Next

Our plan is to take a couple of days off over the weekend to celebrate and ring in the New Year, and come Wednesday we’ll be back on the job. We’ve got about 60% of Nanami’s update done and we’re beginning work on Amanda’s next two scenes (Blue and Red). Our goal is to have the next update ready by the end of the second week in January.

The next update will feature Amanda and Nanami and will include all new material! We’re excited about it and we hope you are too.

In the meantime, I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday and we’ll see you after the New Year!

We at Ianvs Salute You!

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