Well….damn! -Bug fix update-

As I’ve previously communicated, I’m currently travelling for the real job blues. And while that has temporarily stopped work on renders, through airports, flights and hotels I’ve continued work on bugs, writing and coding.

Now, onto the bad news. The save fix seems to be beyond my ability to rectify. And believe me, I’ve tried everything. Save game editors, direct edits to the save-log file. The source of this bug remains buried in the bowels of renpy.

To that end, I even did a deep dive on the renpy.game.context() object. And while I’ve located the function that is causing the error (and partially understand it’s purpose), efforts to program an interrupt or way around the function fixes the problem, but causes a number of errors to appear in other places.

At this point I need to weigh the pros and cons of continuing work on a bug that I may never be able to fix vs proceeding to work on the game. At this point, without some breakthrough information, I have to wave the white flag.

It was my intent to produce this game in a way that would not require you to restart the game. It is not becoming clear that without having absolute control over Renpy’s processing, that’s not a guarantee I can make going forward. So, what do we do?

I never want to tell people how to enjoy my game. That is why developer mode remains unlock and players have access to the console. Files aren’t archived and all the assets are open for inspection. If you want to play my game the way it’s written and programmed you can. And if you’re the type that wants to go in and edit this and that and change variables, well then go for it if it means you’ll have fun.

So with this open-kimono-have-fun-mentality, there is no reason not to include an unlocked cheat-menu for those who want it. In this menu, I’ll include the ability to skip to any scene (in case your save is broke and you only want to see the new content), as well as a way to set your blue and red points with each character.

I figure if I cannot promise that save games will work, the least I can do is program a way for you to jump approximately to where you were previously and continue playing.

It’s the best solution I can come up with and I am truly sorry I wasn’t able to uphold the promise of saves always functioning. I realize now that when sing free 3rd-party software to build your game, you have to sacrifice some control over the processes.

I have much more news to share in light of this change in development, so stay tuned and I’ll be back shortly with more information.


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