Who’s Running the Goddamned Warehouse?

For this month’s poll we need to do some hiring. The August poll is for one of our first “quickshot” characters. These characters aren’t long term love interests and their stories are only good for a scene or two. They exist only as a little salt and pepper for flavoring the main story. Since they are intended to be so short lived, we want to make them as different and memorable as possible. Each one comes with their own brief bio and individual style that hints at the type of sexual encounter on the table. So without further ado, let’s get started.

This month we’re hiring for the role of warehouse manager. Roger’s recent reassignment to the company’s logistics hub is going to put him face to face with a new team of employees. As a member of the operations team, he knows these people. He’s worked with them and in a few cases was even responsible for hiring them. But he’s never had to work shoulder to shoulder with them.

Conference calls, quarterly meetings and warehouse inspections, where everyone is on their best behavior, is the closest Roger has come to working with some of these individuals in the other arm of the company. Now, he is going to be part of their day to day and whether he wants to or not, he’s going to get to know them a little better. One of the people that Roger will be working with on the day to day is the Warehouse manager herself. 

In fact, they’ll be sharing the same office space over-looking the main floor of the warehouse. Because it’s such a critical job, it’s important that it be filled with the right person.

Candidates for this role are as follows:

A. Becca Jameson

Becca is a natural leader. As the oldest child in the family with four brothers, she grew up learning how to manage the collective strength of a group of men. She can hold her liquor and tell raunchy jokes with the best of them.  Years of working around trucks and shipping has left her with a physique that is rock solid. She prides herself on being able to out last even the toughest guys on her crew when it comes to hauling freight. The guys like her, not just because she’s easy on the eyes, but because she’s one of them. She isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and will do whatever it takes to get the job done on time. She refuses to get romantic with any of the men on her team. That’s just bad for business. But if she was given a chance to have a little no strings attached fun with someone who doesn’t call her boss, she’d definitely entertain the idea. After all, a girl has needs.  

B. Candice McCreary:

Candice is the mother of four kids and she knows how to run an efficient household. In fact, it’s the same way she runs her warehouse. Everyone has a job, you do your job and you do it when you’re told, and you get rewarded. Don’t do your job, and you get a time out. Only at the warehouse, time out is equivalent to an unpaid leave of absence. She doesn’t have time for people who don’t want to help out the rest of the family. And the euphemism doesn’t stop there. Many of the folks in the warehouse who have worked for her the longest have taken to calling her mom. She looks out for her family. Ensures their benefits are in order and makes sure they get paid vacations to spend with their own families. Still, as a happily married mother of four with a soccer-mom body she’s never felt like the belle of the ball. What she wouldn’t give for a little excitement in her day to day.   

C. Jaime  Warren

Jaime is as hard as pavement. She refuses to ride anything but her motorcycle and likes to get in bar fights on the weekends. Each Monday she comes in with a new scar somewhere on her body. The men call her “Kaiser” behind her back and she keeps her team in line through intimidation. She’ll happily pick a fight with anyone. Every couple of months or so a new guy will come on the team and challenge her authority. She always makes the same deal, you hit me once, I hit you once. When the new guy wakes up, he’s given a mop and told he gets to clean the bathroom for the next four weeks. No one ever tells HR and the warehouse toilets are now cleaner than the ones in the executive bathroom. Even though she looks like Billy Corgan with Miley Cyrus’s tits, Jaime pretty much fucks whatever she wants. Guys, girls, her subordinates, her motorcycle, a torque wrench, if rumor is to be believed, a pack of wolves. If given a chance, she’d love to give a member of upper management a “hard time” just to put them in their place.

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POLL ENDS: August 31st, 2018


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