I’ll keep this short and sweet.

As previously stated, I’ve spent the last several weeks retooling the production process to adhere to a 2 hour a day max work flow.

Starting on Tuesday I began working with this new model and so far things have been clicking along great.

To test the process, I’ve been reworking old material. We’ve been scheduled to do this for some time in order to bring v1.1.5 into the v2.0.0 framework. I opted to start with old material because the scripts are written and all they required was code notation and artwork. So using this old material in this way would be a good base line for what producing new chapters will look like going forward.

That said, I have spent the week so far working on Nanami Chapter 01. With only about 2 hours a day I’ve succeeded in completing more than half of the material required for release. That said, if we continue to track this way, that chapter will be ready by mid next week and will have only taken 7 days to complete. That’s the goal and so far our trim looks good.

Before calling this new process official and making it the default format going forward, I want to run it against a couple of other new chapters as well. This will give us a good idea whether or not a two week turn around per release is viable and maintainable.

Since I have so much material already written for various characters, and since I want to make supporter polling on new content part of the process, I figure running a poll for the next text case would be a solid way to test this next round.

For character’s we’ve seen, this vote will be to rework their chapter 1 material. For characters we haven’t, this will be their chapter 1 introduction. Either way, it’s new/semi-new content all around and it will help us determine what other process improvements may be required to hit that two week turn around.

Supporters can vote for more than one character (I won’t make you choose favorites), and the character with the most votes by next Tuesday will be up for the next two week cycle.

Once the current chapter is ready, I’ll release a playtest and once we have two characters in the bucket we’ll make an official release and hopefully be seeing at least two new characters a month going forward.

So let me know who we want to work on. All the female characters are available and I have story ready for each of them! Have a ball! or two, or three…whatever.