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The latest news on the development of Doctor Amana: Sexual Therapist.

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    Time to do this again, so let’s get to it. Progress Production is going good and things are still moving forward. The new production cycle is working very well but has been stalled by code refactoring.On the downside, the new code caused a number of problems that seemed like they were going to require some ugly work arounds. But in the eleventh hour a single discovery was made that seemed to solve multiple issues at once! You can read my rantings at the time of discovery here on the discord where I was bitching and having a eureka moment simultaneously. Now that the string interpolation issue with my nested objects…

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    Alright, I know this is long overdue and even now I’m trying to scramble it out so I can get back to work. There has been a lot happening this last month and I’m feeling very optimistic. A lot of things have changed, so let’s just dive right in. What’s Changed? Demand at the real job has been on the rise and they are throwing more salary at me than I can say no to. This of course further drives a divide into the idea of ever making the Doctor Amana game full time because it’ll take years for Patronage to ever surpass what my job is paying me. But…

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    Good morning everyone. I know it’s been awhile since we had a chat and for that I apologize. I’ve only got a few things to run over with you and then we’ll get back to work immediately. I promise. For starters, I want to apologize for ghosting you for part of July and all of August. Those who’ve followed the game for a while know it is highly uncharacteristic of my chatty ass to go so long without a peep. For reasons of personal privacy I won’t go into all of the specifics, but I can give you the broad details. The company that I work for had a data…

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    Been a hot minute and a busy month, so I figure it’s time to catch everyone up. What’s there to say. Working, working, and then working some more. Time spent on the game slowed down a bit for the last week and a half. The real job blues hit hard and I career demands stole a bunch of that time. Summer is a busy month and I’d been putting it off for as long as I could. But it was finally time to produce some real results or I was going to be up against the wall. Render machines are up a running, images are being kicked out, and I…