2020-10-22 News

Ok, so I’m obviously behind in delivering this play test version of chapters 1 thru 6. But that isn’t to say we haven’t made the most of the week.

With an approximate total of 442 images and around 8,000 words, there were bound to be bugs. Like, lots of bugs. Let’s go through some of the more fun ones to nail down!

-Error coding play lists: This was an error in the function we built during the live stream this week to allow entire play lists of songs to be quickly coded. Fortunately, it’s a single fix that once corrected rolls out to all the script files and automatically updates them. Unfortunately, it took a little more brain work to sort it out and figure out what the issues and errors were.

-Missing nipples!: This was just a matter of certain images missing the applied preset. Unfortunately it meant those images needed to be re-rendered. Fortunately there were only about six that I found, so it wasn’t a huge time suck correcting and re-rendering them.

-Incorrect File Names: During the live streams I tend to fly through the images pretty quick. This means that on occasion I may transpose a character or two in the file names. Unfortunately, with over 400 images in the queue, I don’t always notice the errors until Renpy starts looking for the images and crashes because it can’t find it. Upside, I think we got them all fixed!

-File didn’t make it into the queue: There were about three images that for some reason never made it into the queue. We made the art, and we had it ready to go, but some how it never got queued and didn’t render. Luckily this didn’t require any work, just a little time to renderer them out and put them where they belong.

-Wrong Image Size: Yeah, this one still has me scratching my head. We’ve been rendering the images at 1920 x 1080, the resolution of the game. But for some reason 110 images for Scene 06 all rendered at 2560 x 1440. I didn’t catch this until I play tested the scene and everything was mad huge and wouldn’t fit on the screen. Again, a quick fix to just batch things through photoshop and resize them down to the appropriate size.

And Your Point?!

Well the point is I think we got it all nailed down. I’m still waiting on about 4 images to re-render and then I’m good to go. However, those who watched yesterday’s 5+ hour live stream saw the completion of Scene 07 as well. There are approximately 14 images left to render for scene 07 and it too will be complete.

Rather than kill the process now and do a short two hour live stream today, I think I’m going to skip streaming today and just let the queue run the rest of the afternoon and this evening. Unfortunately there are mirrors and water in those 14 images, so the renders have been taking an hour and a half to two hours to complete.

But if I let it run for the afternoon and through the night, that means tomorrow, instead of delivering you Scenes 01 thru 06, I can deliver 01 thru 07. A few hours for a big sexy bonus.

Compy 5000?

Oh yeah, and most of the computer parts are in. Just waiting on one more harddrive ¬†and a power supply, couple of fans and we’re ready to build. Once I get all that in I figure it’ll take another week or two to set up. I got to build the thing and then get all the software installed and start setting up my Daz Assets on a share drive. I could probably do it in a few days but I don’t want to stop work on the game to do it. So I’ll work on the build between live streams and try to bring everything up at the same time.

That’s it for now.

I’ll talk to you in the next 24 hours and hopefully be able to report the ready download of V2.x.x, Cassie Chapter 03, Scenes 01 thru 07 for play testers!


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