Monthly Public Update 2018-07-01

Good evening everyone,

So here we are, back in full production and on a regular schedule. It has been a rocky couple of months to say the very least. The long period of downtime coupled with intermittent communication is at long last come to an end. And we are very excited to bring you another update very soon.

As you may have heard by now, we are in full blown beta mode. Our next update is going to feel like a new car. We always intended to go back and do scene rewrites, re-renders and basically build the game from the ground up once more using the knowledge and experience that we had gained during our alpha phase. 

Originally we didn’t plan to hit beta until much later this year, but the absurd amount of downtime we experienced as a result of the GPU burnout, gave us ample opportunity to watch tutorials, take some trainings, do some rewrites, and tweak code. Thus while we didn’t anticipate the silence, it turned out to be highly beneficial. So what is on the horizon you ask?

The first beta distribution is scheduled to hit in about ten days for patrons. For the public this distribution will be made available at the end of the month. Unlike before when there were bonus scenes and game tweaks for different patron tiers, we’ve completely revamped the reward system and now the public version will 100% mirror the Patron version, with one exception. Animations.

Due to the insane amount of extra work that goes into building, rendering and integrating the animations, that is still a feature reserved for $20 patrons. But the rest of the game remains unchanged. And in fact, it will be bigger than ever before.

The July release will feature a total of four scenes, and over 60 images. This is a huge step up from what we were capable of producing before. But the hardware enhancements and accumulated Daz experience has sped up our production considerably. We can now produce render after render using Nvidia’s Iray engine, and the results are spectacular (For samples, take a look at our new patreon banner and tier reward images). These are easily two generations better than what we could produce before, and we’re just getting started.

This first release will mostly feature our main character, Roger, meeting Doctor Amana and setting the stage for the story to come. This is immediately followed up by Nanami’s opening story where we learn why Roger went off the deep end and what has caused such a drastic change in his outlook and behavior. Your choices in the opening scenes will have an immediate impact on which path Roger sets off on with Nanami, and the differences in the outcomes will be very stark. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve done.

Stay tuned, check back often and if you don’t want to wait, jump on board. You can gain access to the latest releases for only a $1. You’ll not only get the weekly updates and teaser scenes, but you’ll be contributing to what we think will be on of the best adult Renpy games of 2018.

Cheers Mates!

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