July Teaser Scene

I know, I know, it’s August. But we owed you a Teaser scene from the work we’ve been doing and this is the earliest we could get it ready. Rather than give you a boring character render from earlier in the scene, we thought we’d cut to something saucy. You’ve more than earned it.

Our next update of course is the expanded Pool scene that introduces the three young high school girls involved in our story. However, this scene actually starts the night before Roger meets them for a swim.

It’s the weekend, and the girls are having a sleep over. And Roger just happens to catch them through an open window getting ready for bed.

This is also the first scene in which we’ve used our new skin shaders and textures. At this distance, the improvement is marginal, but the next release will include a few more up close shots that will really demonstrate the improved quality of the product.

We still don’t have a tentative release date as we’re hard up cranking out the visuals. So far the count is up to 30 and we haven’t even gotten to the pool yet. We hope it will be an update worthy of your approval.

Stay tuned. More goodness coming your way.

Cheers mates!

Oh, and as always, Right-click and save as for a larger resolution.

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