New Game Modes Poll

Since we are rolling out the integration of 1.1.X into the current version, it’s time to get serious about these alternative game modes I promised.

Moving forward, future updates will not only have new content, but some of the older content is slated for improvement and updating. During this process, I want to work on the added renders for the additional game modes.

That’s where you come in! What do we want to see?

I’m posting this as a poll, but it’s also an open discussion as well. If you have an idea that you think would make a fun game mode, let me know. Of course these modes only change the renders/visuals of the game. Fun little add-ons that exist for our enjoyment.

So below I’ve listed what I think are some fun ideas, but I’d love for you to to comment if you have something better.

Let me know what you think and we’ll get the party started.


I say first because on a long enough timeline I’d like to include lots of these little alternatives. But development should remain focused on one at a time. Nude mode is a default, but we need to pick one other to add to the development cycle.

The visual changes are pretty much limited to new make-up, hair, physical attributes and clothing.

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