Updated Tier Rewards

Good afternoon all! Just wanted to drop some information regarding the new structure of the patron tiers.

Changes to the $5+ Tier

We’ve had some changes in the last few months that have made obsolete some of the features that we previously offered as rewards.

For example, moving the visual structure of the game to layered image system has made obsolete the need for game polls. Why offer you guys a choice of A or B when we can now include both and let players decide for themselves in game which one they prefer.

And live streaming has pretty much taken over the need to produce exclusive nude character wallpapers. Because the live streams run on viewer input, we actually come away with more creative (and sometimes nastier) art than I would have come up with on my own. So that’s a good thing!

So the only thing really going away is regular polls and nude art. There will still be occasional polls for casting new characters in the game, but these will be less frequent. 

So we’re going to merge the above two problems into a single solution. $5+ patrons will now have the right to poll on the characters appearing in the weekly live streams. It’s a chance for you to pick which eye-candy will be featured in a given week. As other polls become necessary, $5+ patrons will have voting rights in those as well.

Changes to the $10+ Tier

In an effort to speed up production, we want you folks to be our bug-testers.

Our game is broken up into chapters that are further divided into scenes. The plan is to skip the test-play ourselves and just release the scenes to you guys as they are completed.

And since we are now releasing new content in stand alone packages, downloading and installing these new scenes should only take a couple of minutes.

So while the upside is you’ll get to see the latest content as it’s being developed, it’ll probably have a couple of bugs we need to sort out.

Our hope is that by having enough players reporting bugs, typos and other issues, by the time all the scenes are done and the chapter is complete and ready to be released, it’ll be relatively bug-free and stable.

It’s a huge help to us and we look forward to getting feedback on the developments and structure as well.

Changes to the $15+ Tier

This isn’t so much of a change as it is an update on v1.1.X. I know it’s been awhile since we posted up that first semi-playable version. That’s because we’ve gone back and added several features that people requested and that we thought were excellent ideas. So look for updates to that coming soon as well.

And for those who don’t know…

What is v1.1.X?

v1.1.X is an upgraded version of the game we’ve been working on the side. It has a number of new features include an upgraded interface. Our primary work has been focused on producing content for the current build of the game. But when v1.1.X’s content has caught up to the current public build, v1.1.X will become the new public build and we will retire the current version.

So what kinds of things have we added to v1.1.X?

  • Tutorial An in-depth overview of the games fundamental mechanics and new features.
  • In-game Database – A player reference that allows you to review the choices you’ve made with different characters and asses the health of your relationships.
  • Nameable MC That’s right, you can finally name your MC!
  • Pet Names – Choose a nickname for your lovers and let them choose a nickname for you. These can be changed at any time during play!
  • Choose MC Race – We have four character skins for you to choose from to make the MC truly yours!
  • Alt-Game Modes – These “Modes” consist of visual packages that change the total look of the game. The story, dialogue and gameplay is the same, but the visuals are swapped out for fun alternative versions. Currently we have “nude” mode, where all the characters in the game are nekkid. Other ideas are “Goth” mode, where all the characters will sport goth makeup and hair. “Futa” mode….well, don’t make me explain that one. “Slutsville” where all the characters wear nothing but lingerie. The ideas and possibilities are endless. Polls will be held for $20 patrons to determine what modes will be developed.
  • Pregnancy Indicator – You will have the option of turning on a visual indicator to see whether or not a character is pregnant.
  • Blind Choices – There is an option to turn on/off the color coding on the menu choices. Rather than having menu choices appear in red/blue/purple/black, all choices will appear as black for those players wanting a totally random story experience. Menu choices are also mixed up to complete the effect.
  • Replay – The option to go back and replay sex scenes previously experienced.
  • Music – This version will also include optional background music.
  • Increased Resolution – All images are now rendered at 1920 X 1080 for optimal quality on all screens.
  • Exportable Characters – Because we want this to be the first of many games in a shared universe, we have implemented a method of exporting characters from this game into future games. If a character from our first game appears in a later game, their attitude, style and behavior will all reflect all the choices you made in this game.

So there are really only two changes to the tiers. One to compensate you for the loss of a feature, the other to bring players into the production process and hopefully improve quality control.

As always, we’d love to hear any feedback, questions or critiques you might have.

Cheers mates!

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