Weekly Update 2018-09-30


Can’t believe that September has come and gone already. I’m pleased to report that we are moving along at a good pace with Monica’s update. We’ve gotten over half of her renders produced. We still have about a third or so to produce, but all of images with complicated poses have been completed.

Thus the final third of her images should go faster than the first two-thirds. When the variances consist of facial manipulations and gestures, they tend to go pretty quick.

We’ve already completed 60 images for the scene and are estimating we’ll have just over a 100. Clearly producing the visuals is what takes the bulk of our production time, but as people on our discord will verify, we work on them constantly throughout the week.

Current Poll

Six days left in our current poll. The poll is to determine whose chapter we work on next along side Lupita’s update. Topping the list right now is Jane with a 4 vote lead over Cassie. Amanda and Lupita are not far behind.

So if you have a preference in the outcome of this poll, don’t hesitate! For $5 you can get in on this action and help nudge the development one way or the other.

And if you’re already a $5 patron, don’t forget to cast your vote here.


We’ll be live on Discord again tonight from 9:00pm to 11:00pm EST.

Feel free to join us as we answer questions, shoot the breeze and throw out some test renders.

What’s Next

We’ll continue pushing through for the next couple of days while we wrap up Monica’s update, and then move on to Lupita and the poll winner.

We’ve buttoned up the missing animations for Emily’s bath scene and created one for Monica’s as well. We’re estimating it will take about 45 hours to render out all of the images necessary for the animation.

We’ll try to squeeze them into this next update. If not, we’ll throw in some code that will allow us to release a mini-animation update between updates so that you can just dump those files into the folder and they’ll activate. Let us play around a bit and we’ll hammer out a solution.

Weekly Preview

*Right-click Save As for a larger version.

That’s it for this week mates.


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