Weekly Update 2018-10-07

Here we are again with your friendly weekly update.


It’s official, I need to stop giving out completion estimates. Our target for the Monica release has again been pushed back. BUT, I’m happy to say it’s been slightly delayed because we’re busy rendering out animations.

During this cycle we’ve gone back and created three animations for the Emily sex. These will replace the looped images that are currently displayed in the game. To increase the video quality, we’ve switched to a webm format vs the ogv format used in the Nanami sex scene. The results are very…pleasing.

We are also adding about six animations to the soon to be released Monica introduction. These aren’t sex scenes, but they are some very hot animations of her working out and flexing her rocking bod! Hopefully you’ll find them worth a few extra days of development time.

Aside from that the release is almost ready. I hate to give an estimate because we have about 36 hours of render time left on the animations. Fortunately once those are done the post production work will move swiftly.

We’ve gotten the next four Jane scenes written and ready to go. That’s two scenes for the “blue track” and two alternative scenes for the “red track”. As soon as we’re finished rendering Monica’s visuals, we’ll dive right in on that and hopefully have it up in very short order.

Current Poll

The poll for which chapters we work on next has concluded. It was ¬†close running with Jane in the lead, followed by Cassie and Amanda. For the time being we’ll give priority to Jane’s next couple of scenes while we simultaneously work on getting Lupita finished. Afterwards, we’ll run another poll and see where the new population preference lies.

In the meantime, we have a new poll up. We are turning to you for advice on Lupita’s wardrobe. How would you expect your house keeper to dress when cleaning your home?

For $5 you get the details and weigh in here.


We’ll be live on Discord again tonight, Sunday October 7th, from 9:00pm to 11:00pm EST.

Feel free to join us as we answer questions, shoot the breeze and throw out some test renders.


If you haven’t heard the news, we have a promotional partner, Gemex Promotions. For interested parties, Gemex has come up with a series of “gifts” to you from the lovely ladies starring in Doctor Amana Sexual Therapist. This month they have some very sexy gifts available from Jane’s room. This month they are offering a pair of Jane’s sexy thongs and one of her faux leather mini-skirts (both items of course have or will appear in the game).

Check them out in the rewards section of the main patreon page, and read about all the details of the offer here.

We also have a referral program for existing patrons signing up new patrons. Those details can be found here in the promotions post as well.

What’s Next

We’re not far off from the next update. We’ll post it up as soon as it’s available. Shortly after you can expect the updated walkthrough and a change log. After that, we’re heading back to Jane’s story. As we work on Jane we’ll also continue building out Lupita’s intro and hopefully have it all ready to bundle up in a single release. We’ll keep you updated as things develop.

Weekly Preview

*Right-click Save As for a larger version.

That’s all for now friends.


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