2019-06-28 News Flash

Real quick friends, just want to let you know I’m still here. Work is still moving forward even though the real job blues has been kicking my ass this summer. There were some technical difficulties last week (Daz and Nvidia both had updates) that cause several problems to sort out (finally had to roll back the Nvidia driver to fix the problem). But we’re up another 100 renders completed for the week so despite it all, we’re doing well.

You’re going to hear from me a little less this weekend and next week as I’m pouring what little free time I have into the project.

Lita’s beta test is almost done, another day or two should see Lola’s. Then it’s a quick slide to the finish. Little bit of a hump with Nanami’s sex scene, but we’re looking good.

I’ll be back after the release with all kinds of news and fill you in on all the behind the scenes stuff, but for now, it’s full attention on finishing up the renders. It’s all that needs done. Just have to finish getting it done.

We’ll talk soon mates!


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