2021-02-20 News

Ok, so maybe the image is a little melodramatic.

Things just are just taking a little longer than anticipated (they always do and that’s why I don’t give hard release dates)

The good news is the artwork is all done! So the hardest and longest part is out of the way.

What I’m working on right now is a lot of script clean up.

Without going into an insane amount of detail, I needed to tighten up a few things in the dialogue, fix some typos and finish typing out descriptions and dialog for two of the sex scenes we rendered.

Nothing difficult or challenging, just the rote stuff I need to do in order to get this update done.

I worked about 12 hours yesterday getting stuff done and cleaning up some of the gui changes and fixes. Few minor bugs.

It’s seriously the boring stuff that has to be done prior to a release. Still hoping to get the final playtest uploaded tomorrow or Monday. We’ll do playtesting for a day or two depending on what bugs come back, and then blow this bitch wide open for patrons.

We’re almost there, just hold tight a touch longer.

I’m putting in the rest of the day today on it and hopefully most of tomorrow.

Nothing to do now but keep jamming!

We’ll talk soon!

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