Weekly Update 2018-09-04

Sorry for the late post all. Holidays had things a bit mugged. Too much going on at work and on the home front. But we’re back and ready to drop some news.

When will then be now?

Soon sir! 

We’re almost done wrapping up the next release. We’ve had a few set backs that I will detail below, however the tracker is updated and we’re zeroing in on it. We’re hoping with a few days to this weekend we’ll have something in your hands. It won’t be as much as we wanted, but it will be of the highest quality.

Why the delay? Well, we were learning to play with new toys. One of the most important elements to making an image as ‘real’ as possible is manipulation of the geometric surfaces in the image. What started out as some simple mods and patches turned into a journey into the quantum fucking realm of Daz’s surface layers.

There was more to learn than we would have thought. Translucency Weights, Shared Glossy Inputs, Backscattering Weights, Backscattering Anisotropy, Refraction Indexes…fuck me. We still don’t even know what half of these things truly represent. But through tutorials, blogs and simple experimentation we know what effect they have on the final output. Add to that a little top layer material, and the final effect is something we’re very happy with.

And now that all these tweaks are saved as presets, we won’t need to fool with them in the future. Bit of a learning curve, but the payoff will be faster production in the future at an enhanced level of quality.

Suspended Animation

For the briefest of moments we’re putting our animation efforts on hold. This is another area where we’re experiencing some issues. The first animation of the Nanami office sex scene went off pretty well. But it was a simple animation compared to what we’ve been attempted, and I think we have to accept that we’re biting off more than we can chew.

Our core issues lies with Daz’s KeyMate plug-in. Simply put, I think we need more training. But until we get it, we need to stick to simple animations. Basic sucking, f_cking, and licking. Because somehow when we spot check our keyframes, we’re getting some wild and erratic behavior that we simply can’t pinpoint.

There is no doubt we’ll continue to play with it until we feel we’ve achieved the end result we’re looking for. But until then we need to press on. We simply cannot accept any further delays while we hone our skill set with the animation tool.

So this next release will be without animations. But rest assured we’re going to come back and put something together that will integrate with the existing file and make good on that at a later date. I just loathe the idea of delaying another two or three weeks while we figure it out.

In short, animations will be coming back very soon, but not a the cost of further delay. We’ll work on getting it all sorted after this release and before the next.

The Backlog

Now that the billing cycle is complete and last month’s patrons claimed their rewards, we’ve gone back and updated the rewards post for the previous months. This means if you are a $5 patron you now have access to the animation file, walkthroughs, polls, and artwork that we previously published. While the polls are closed, you can still go back and examine the awesome artwork.

New rewards and polls will be posting soon, just as soon as we get this next release out. Going forward of course, animations will be integrated into the game and not downloaded as a separate file. The first release will be the only time you have to manually include those directories.

Poll Results

Meet your new warehouse manager, Candice McCreary. Candice is the mother of four kids and she knows how to run an efficient household. In fact, it’s the same way she runs her warehouse. Everyone has a job, you do your job and you do it when you’re told, and you get rewarded. Don’t do your job, and you get a time out. Only at the warehouse, time out is equivalent to an unpaid leave of absence. She doesn’t have time for people who don’t want to help out the rest of the family. And the euphemism doesn’t stop there. Many of the folks in the warehouse who have worked for her the longest have taken to calling her mom. She looks out for her family. Ensures their benefits are in order and makes sure they get paid vacations to spend with their own families. Still, as a happily married mother of four with a soccer-mom body she’s never felt like the belle of the ball. What she wouldn’t give for a little excitement in her day to day.

What’s to come?

We get this next disty out and then we jam out Lupita, Monica, and the sequel scenes for the three girls and we’re officially caught up. Our next update will bring us back to where we left off and from there we can begin delivery some truly new material. It’s going to be an exciting holiday season.

As for the other goodies, wallpapers, polls, etc. We’ll pick up where we left off just as soon as we get this next release out. We’ve waited far too long and right now it’s the priority.

Parting Gift for the Week

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Cheers to you mates!

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