2019-01-08 – Jane’s Tattoo Poll

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When it comes to being a bad girl and a disappointing daughter to her parents, Jane is just getting started.

To make sure the salt in her parent’s wounds stay fresh, Jane has decided to get a tat. But what should she get? Whatever it is it should definitely be shameful…but should it also be inviting? No doubt she’ll turn to Roger for advice. Assuming he’s encouraging her to break all the rules, he’ll most likely have some input.

So let’s consider some options.

A. Advertising (Bad Gurl): Jane is definitely playing up the bad girl bit. Why not let everyone know, just in case they couldn’t tell from the hair and the dress. This tattoo spans her shoulder blades and in bold letters declares to the world that she’s indeed…well, you get it.

B. Soliciting (Use Me – Abuse Me): But why stop at just letting the world know you’re playing on the edge? Why not turn your body into a solicitation for a good time? Let people know that you’re always ready to play? This tattoo extends across her collar bones and exists just to let everyone know she likes it rough.

C. Invitation (Playground): Or we can say screw it and go for broke. Why just hint at the deviant behavior you’re capable of when you can just show everyone where the door to the funhouse is? Cum one, come all, isn’t that what they say? Although the truth is, there is only one person she’s gonna let ride her merry-go-round…you lucky dog!

D: All of the Above!: Or to hell with it! Why pick just one when you can have them all.

E: None: Or maybe the only marks you want on Jane’s skin are the ones you leave. Always a viable option.

Poll ends at 12:59PM Est, January 31st.

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