Minor Delay

Make no mistake, we have driven hard these last 72 hours to get this distribution wrapped up and out on time. But I’m looking at a clock that says 9:30pm and the hours are continuing to burn away.

We are close, so very close it’s painful. But we still have another four hours of rendering that needs to be accomplished as well as the post production work that goes along with that. So the wait will be just a little longer. But not much.

The parts that are done have been tested, debugged and are clean, so really it’s just one scene we are trying to wrap up. Now that the bad news is out of the way, here is some good news…

We’ve tested the mechanic for character pregnancy and it is working within spec. We have so far completed over 80 renders for this release and will have close to 100 high quality renders for the opening of the beta. And for $20 patrons this will include our first high quality, fully original animated sex scene.

Now that we have a feel for how the animation system in Daz works, you can expect a lot more of this in future releases. Animating these characters is most definitely an enjoyable process.

We ask that you hang in there just a bit longer. We promise your patience will be rewarded!

Cheers Mates!

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