Music Access



Just curious how many players out there have access to or use Spotify.

Why do you ask?

When writing the game, I have a different playlist for each of the characters. These playlists consist of music that I feel the character might listen to or that I feel embodies their personality or style. Each playlist is over an hour long and I still periodically add stuff to them.

The music just helps me channel the characters a bit while writing.

If there is sufficient interest, I’d have no problem setting up a Ianvs Spotify account and making those playlists public. But before I spend $8 a month and put in the effort to transfer the list, I just want to know if there is sufficient interest.

If I do this, the playlists would be made public to all because on Spotify I can either make it public, or specify people who have access and frankly, I don’t have time to manage a list of individuals who can listen to our music.

Let me know what you think.

Cheers all!

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