Weekly Update 2018-12-07

Teaser Scene

This week’s teaser scene comes from Nanami’s upcoming release. In it we’ll meet Val Jones, a private detective that Nanami has hired to help her secure intel on Roger’s corporate enemies. So get ready to dive deeper into the rabbit hole, cause we’re a long way from the bottom.


Insanely busy week behind us! We’ve made an incredible amount of progress on the next update and the scenes are coming together wonderfully. There’s been a small deal of rewriting along the way, but only in an effort to make the scenes and the story stronger.

If you’ve been following along, you know that each of the main love interests have two paths that their story may follow. To that end, we’ve completed Cassie’s next [Blue] scene, Nanami’s next [Blue] scene, and Lupita’s Introduction. Staging of the visuals in currently happening for those scenes and work has begun on the [Red] paths for Cassie and Nanami.

We’re driving forward hard and will hopefully have some very nice teaser scenes coming up to help wet your whistle. So check back frequently!

Current Poll

There is still plenty of time to get in on Monica’s date night poll! You can check out all the details here!

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What’s Next

Right now we are just going to continue working hard on this next update. I have a few extra days off next week while the real job closes for holiday maintenance and Fecal has a few extra the day after. So we’ve got plenty of extra time this month to apply towards this larger update.

We’re real excited about this as it will forward three different character’s plot lines. Our goal is to have this out before Christmas. Right now, we seem to be on track to hit that goal, but at the moment it’s still too early to put an actual launch date on it.

But as we get closer we’ll work on zeroing in and firming up that launch date.

In the meantime, thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm! It keeps us going!

Salute mates!

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