2018-12-02 Poll – Monica Date Wear

It’s date night, and Monica has to figure out what she’s going to wear. She only recently met Roger, and she’s still unsure of where his particular tastes lie. Fortunately, she knows her own strengths and when all else fails she knows she can rely on them. That said, she’s narrowed down her choice of wardrobe to three dresses. Which one she settles on is completely up to you.

Your choices are as follows:

A. Slinky: Every woman has buried some where in her closet, some thing slinky, simple and black. Monica is no exception. There’s nothing fancy about it, but with her body there doesn’t need to be. It perfectly shows off all of her ample curves and clings tightly to every inch of her body. If this doesn’t turn Roger on, nothing will.

B. Stylish: This blue masterpiece has been stashed in her closet for a while. She doesn’t get to take it out often. But when she does, she’s going some place classy and is looking to turn heads. And turn them she does. The sleek cut and window to heart has made even the most chaste men look twice. Surely Roger would be no exception. 

C. Sexy: But if there is one thing she loves, it’s a good party. And when spending a night out on the town or going to the club, this cut of purple perfection gets it done. Depending on her mood, this number can tease, turn on and turn it up. She’s never had a problem keeping a man’s attention in this dress. If she wore this, she’d have Roger’s attention all night.

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