2019-03-18 The Real Job Blues

Greetings All! I know we’ve gone a bit without an update and for that I apologize.

Had to go out of town for a bit on business for that other job. Finally, after a week and  a half in Texas, I’m back and ready to hit the ground running. Now in a normal week, I get to work on the game for about three or four hours in the evening five to six nights a week. On average, about 20 hours a week gets done on the game. So figure the other job just cost me about 25 hours of production time.

But, I did manage to negotiate a week off for “family time” upon my return. So to the normal 20 hours I’d have spent on the game this week, let’s add 40 additional hours. Thus, while losing the last week and a half sucked (more so because I hate business travel), we’ll have a net gain on production time this week.

Sadly, I don’t have anything new to share at this particular moment, but once I post this up, I’m going to turn around and dive right into working on the game. Going to really make the most of this week and get a shit-load done.

As always, I appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding. It’s the fan support that keeps this project going and we appreciate your loyalty!

Salute my friends!

Live Stream:
Oh, and before I forget. We’ve been trying to do this live stream for several weeks now. Last we almost got to do it we became hamstrung by a windows setting that was interfering with the new audio equipment.

Anyway, we’re tentatively shooting for this Thursday for the live stream. Everything is working (but we’re going to run some tests on Wednesday just to make sure) and we’ll finally get this thing going.


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