2019-07-09 News Update

So here we are. Not where I want to be, but when things are out of your control, they’re simply out of your control and you have to make due.

In the most un-ideal of circumstances, I’m being called out of town on business for the next couple of weeks. During that time, I’ll have an opportunity to work on the game’s story and coding, but rendering, the one thing that is holding up the current update, will not be happening.

You have been so generously patient with me and I would not dare ask you to wait until August for your update. Despite my attempts to scramble this week and get everything done, I have to face the reality that I just don’t have the computing power to render out as much as I need to finish the chapter.

So here’s what we’re going to do. I’m finishing up the Lola sex and post sex scenes. This concludes Scene 04, the monster of a scene that has been the bear I’ve wrestled with for the last month. Once the renders are finished (approximately 16 hours from now) I’m going to wrap up post and get the code integrated and finished.

I’ll release the first half of this chapter before I leave, and upon my return, promptly finish up the second half and get it out to you.

The second half will go much faster as it is predominately conversation and text with fewer angles, shots and locations than the first four scenes.

I’m not going to lie and say that this first half is going to be the feast you’ve been waiting for, but hopefully it’ll stand as testimony to the work being done (the first half contains over 550 renders, has one optional transgender character, and you’ll choose one of three possible paths through the scene which will impact your later game). It will feature a sexual encounter with Lita, or optionally if you prefer transgender content, Lola. And the new sex menus are implemented, tested, and working excellently.

Because of all the changes that have been made to the underlying code, you will have to download the entire game. But I have done everything I can to make sure your old saves work. I’m praying no bugs surface on that front.

However, after this update, patrons will have the option of just downloading the new content. So when I return from work and release the second half of this chapter, you will not need to re-download the whole game, but instead just the files needed for the new content.

I very much wanted to wait until the entire chapter was done and release it as one big push, but unfortunately the “real job blues” are relentless this time of the year.

To keep the renders going while I’m gone, I am going to try and set up a method of remoting into the desktop, but it’s storm season here in the South U.S. and power interruptions are frequent and I’ll have no way to reboot the system if that happens. So we’ll see how much I can do away from the desk.

That’s all for now, but you’ll hear from me very shortly.


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