2020-10-09 News

I’ve been meaning to post this for a few days but I wanted to finalize some details before sharing them.

So where are we at? Let’s start with the technical stuff.

PC Build

So thanks to all my wonderful patrons, we used the entire sum of this month’s Patreon intake to purchase a pair of RTX 2070’s for the new PC.

Previous month’s contributions have secured the i7processor, the Z390 Mobo, case, coolers, fans, 2TB M2 SSD and the RAM.

All that’s left is the OS and about $500 worth of Hard Drive’s for additional storage and redundancy.

This close to the final build, I’m going to chip in the remaining $500 out of my own pocket so we can get this PC built and start reaping the benefits before November is done. The last of the parts should be in over the next couple of weeks.

New Content

We’ve just finished scene 6 of Cassie’s next chapter. This marks the half way point of the chapter’s completion. Scenes 1 thru 6 of Cassie’s chapter contains approximately 7,000 words and around 570 completed images.

There are a few more images I need to re-render to correct some lighting and focus aberrations but I should have it ready for play testing in a couple of days.

What’s the Plan?

As soon as I tie up Scene 6 I’ll release the test version of v2.x.x with the new material to $10 patrons to bug test. While testing is happening, we’ll continue with the live streams and push through to the end of the chapter.

After a couple weeks of testing, when the bugs have been smashed, I’ll open up access to the test version to $5 patrons, followed by $1 patrons. You’ve gone too long without anything in hand and I owe you for your continued patience.

I want to give those who want it, a chance to wet their appetite a bit with the new content while the rest of the chapter is being finished, but only after the bugs have been found by the play testers.

Once the entire chapter is done and has been play tested, I’ll issue the final release of the chapter.

Long Term

Right now a week’s worth of live streams take about a week to render out. Once the second computer is up and running, we should be able to complete the live stream work and rendering all in the same week. My goal is to see the production speed doubled by the addition of a second machine.

We’ll test this theory and if all goes well I’d like to see development of two, maybe three characters at a time as long as the computers can keep up with the queue. I won’t know for certain how much we can heap on until after the second machine is up and running and I get a good sense of how fast it can knock out the images.

If this pace can be maintained, that means we’d be completing a scene or more per week!

Exciting things are ahead and I’m super thrilled that we’ve kept this project alive to this point!

Thank you all again for hanging in there with me while I sort out how best to produce this game and iron out a solid workflow for getting it all down. We’re finally hitting our stride!

Salute, and I will talk to you again very soon!

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