Next Chapter Poll

Here we go folks. It’s poll time again….finally….after a long, long, long, long fucking time.

But we made it, and now we gotta know. And only you can decide.

With the end of Cassie’s Chapter on the near horizon, thought needs to be given to who we work on next.

I’m going to limit the poll to the three characters that have seen the least amount of love in this development process but who have plenty of excellent story of their own to tell.

So at the conclusion of this Cassie chapter, whose story would you want to see next?

For reasons that will be clear in the next news brief, I need to make a choice by Monday. So if you have a chance this weekend, take a moment and sound off. Let your preference be known.

(I’m allowing more than one response per person on the assumption that you may favor multiple characters.)

Cutoff is Midnight Sunday!

Thank you for your support and cheers!

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