Production Update & Reward Revisions

Ok, so this week has been busy as hell! We’ve nearly wrapped up completion of the Lupita introduction and, the second scene of the Cassie story line. We didn’t plan on the next update including two new scenes, but hey, sometimes the train runs ahead of schedule. We are happy when it does.

The two new scenes are written, coding is done, all that is left is to complete the renders. We have about 35% of the renders needed for these two scenes already completed. We are hoping to work through the night and most of Saturday so that we can attain a Sunday release for the update. 

Now for some other news, we are going to revise the reward system on our Patreon. There was a lot of discussion regarding this, and in the end, we figured if we are going to do this, we should do it now before anyone is charged. This gives people who have pledged an opportunity to change their pledge or back out if they choose. At the end of the day, we don’t want anyone to feel like they got the ol’ bait and switch. So, why the change and how does it impact the rewards?

It was purely a production decision. Originally, we intended to have 11 main characters. In hindsight, this was incredibly ambitious. As much as we love our concept for this story, we don’t want to spend five years making it. We want to complete it so that we can go on to making the next one and the one after that. (We have outlined an entire series in this format with cross-over characters and new themes.)

By reducing the primary focus to seven characters, we can devote more time to making those plotlines deeper, more dynamic and more robust.

So what about the other four characters? Don’t worry, they aren’t going anywhere. At the end of the day, we love the character concepts for the mother-in-law, the neighbor and her daughter and the intern. But unlike the tiered characters, we don’t know that we have enough story content to draw each of them out into a ten or fifteen scene plot.

So what we’ve decided to do is add them to a combined story track we are calling the “rogue track”. This track will follow Roger through other romantic encounters that are less involved than the primary tiered characters. By having this rogue track we also have the opportunity to throw in other random encounters that we think would be fun to write and experience. Ultimately this will be pushing our total beyond 11 characters, but minimizing the involvement required to maintain all of their independent plotlines.

The new tiers and rewards will be laid out like so:

Tier 0 (free): All content for Emily, the character’s wife

Tier 1 ($1): Bonus content for Lupita during alpha and beta versions

Tier 2 ($5): Bonus content for Monica during alpha and beta versions

Tier 3 ($10): Bonus content for Nanami during alpha and beta versions

Tier 4 ($15): Bonus content for Jane and Amanda during alpha and beta versions

Tier 5 ($20): Bonus content for Cassie during alpha and beta versions

As before, pledging a tier gives you access to bonus content at that tier, and every tier below it. So a $10 pledge gets you bonus content for Nanami, Monica, and Lupita.

We hope everyone is ok with this change but completely understand if it leads to some adjustments by our Patrons. We do promise it will be the last alteration made to the reward system. Once the billing cycle starts, we feel our commitment has been sealed and any changes after that would not only be unfair but unjust as well.

As always, we encourage your feedback and would love to know what you think about this change. 

We thank everyone who has and will pledge to our project, and we look forward to posting our next update this weekend!

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