Weekly Update 2018-03-27

Good afternoon everyone,

So we’re running a couple of days late but not a dollar short. Work on Emily’s next chapter continues to progress. We’ve written and coded one of the two variants. We’ve started on some of the preliminary staging for her visuals while we continue to write and code the second variant. It’s still to early for an eta. This next scene will include three locations and at least four other characters, so there is a lot of screen work going on here. Factor in the rendering bottle neck we encounter each release, and there are just too many variables at the moment to predict the next distribution.

As an aside, we want to improve the bonus content you receive with each release. We originally tried keeping things simple with alternative wardrobes and easter eggs. This decision was good for production time because it added something spicy without delaying the release. But we feel going forward you deserve more. So starting with Emily we will be stepping up the bonus content. We are going to work on updating the reward descriptions to better explain those changes.

Also, we’ve completely rewritten the introductory scenes of the game to better reflect the direction of the story. This new intro scene will be included in the next release. Originally when we wrote the game’s intro, we only had a vague idea of who the MC was, but now that we’ve written almost 14 scenes, we have a good feel for Roger and how his story should begin. For those who don’t want to start over to experience the new scene, rest assured that there are no dialogue choices or variables that will impact the story you’ve played, so  you can completely skip it at your choice. Our biggest reason for rewriting this scene now prior to the beta was to help new players acclimate faster to the ongoing narrative.

Also keep your eyes open for another Dev-log coming soon. Dog has some downtime coming up before the next round of staging and is going to share some more insights into Daz modelling, so look for that in the next couple of days.

Till then, thank you for your continued support. Salute!

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