2019-11-09 News

Good morning everyone. And what a wonderful morning it is.

First, I want to say that this is an amazing experience. Opening up my folders and files, working on the game, and at the end of the day making nothing but content!

For the last few months I was mired in making all kinds of adjustments. Cleaning up files and directories. Adding new features and music. Putting in place all the stuff that I wanted for the game long term. Now that all that is over, I just get to work on…well…the content. Believe it or not but the load actually feels lighter because my to-do list is only focused on content.

To which end, I am happy to say that the Amanda’s next chapter is coming along very nicely. Render quality continues to improve as my skills increase, and with each render I seem to spend less and less time putting everything together.

All that said, there are a few other developments I’d like to share as well!

Android Build

We’re getting close. Thanks to some Android professionals on some of the forums I frequent I’m slowly going down the checklist of things that are wrong with the build and fixing things one by one. With some help, I got it to compile and install, but could not get it to launch.

With some more help, we debugged the launch and now know why it won’t launch, so I’m working on fixing that next. Once it launches, hopefully it’ll just be a matter of bug testing.

I’m a very able programmer. Been writing code for mathematical modelling for years. But I’ve never done anything with Android. But with the help of others, I think we’ll get it sorted out and when that’s done, I should be able to provide a solid Android build going forward.

With luck, I’ll have a working Android version by the end of the week.

Fan Art

I love it! Fan art is good for a project on so many levels. It draws attention to the project. It lets players create their own fantasy using the characters I’ve created and that they’ve come to love. And it really shows a strong enthusiasm for the content of the game.

That said, anyone who is interested in making fan art for the game should have a look here.

Some wonderful, enterprising and enthusiastic folks have started a thread dedicated to Fan Art. In the thread, they have also started collecting the information you need to make your fan art as like the game as possible. In support of the endeavor,  I’ve offered to supply all the information you’ll need to recreate the characters the same way I do in the game.

I mean, if you’re going to make fan art, it might as well be as accurate as possible.

However, for those of you wanting to walk the path of artistic fantasy, I only ask that as you make and share your creations based on the Dr. Amana game, please make sure you label and advertise your work as fan art. (I don’t want to spend hours of my week explaining to new players why this picture or that doesn’t appear in the game.)

So please, take my characters. Have fun, and be sure to share with all of us what you’ve come up with. OH! And one last thing…..please be nice to Amanda. She’s a sweet heart.


That is all for the moment. I have some more news forthcoming but I want to reserve that for a separate post. I’m finally in a position to open up some opportunities to influence the content of the game, but it requires a bit more organization and structure. Till then…

I salute you!


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